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Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations 

2, 3 y 4 de Noviembre
Estadio Mundialista de Mar del Plata

About Us

The Mapuche Coordinating Committee, COM; The Commission of Lawyers in Argentina, CJIRA; the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador, CONAIE, which represent a network of 25 indigenous organizations in the American Continent and are responsible for organizing the Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations, are seeking funds to hold the Summit in Mar del Plata, Argentina from October 30 to November 2005.

The globalization trend has a negative impact on Indigenous Peoples' lives in the American continent. Loss of land at the hands of international and local corporations, contamination, health deterioration, repression, have had resulted in loss of quality of the living conditions of our peoples.

We are concerned about the lack of recognition of rights of the 50 million plus original peoples of the American Continent . The next Presidential Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata will result in another round of negotiations and agreements between governments that will mark another setback in the recognition of our peoples.

We are planning to organize the Indigenous Summit which will allow about 110 Indigenous delegates to meet to discuss our present situation and propose solution by writing up documents to be sent to the Presidents in Mar del Plata.

These documents, which will reflect our perspective on the political, social and cultural situation, will be sent to the Presidents and shared with the media and other international organization and the social constituent participating in the Summit.

We are also planning to participate in two other big conferences with the Civil Society and the Peoples' Summit who are going to meet from 1-5 of November.

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